2019 UPHA Made in Ukraine


UPHA made in Ukraine >>>

(UPHA). The independent association was founded in 2010 by photographers Misha Pedan, Roman Pyatkovka, Kostya Smolyaninov and Alexander Lyapin. During this time, the group, which was conceived as a response to conservative state unions, gathered around itself many contemporary authors, researchers and curators.

The exposition presents the works of 32 Ukrainian photographers. The photographs are united by five main themes that reflect the realities of our society: the post-Soviet syndrome, within which we still feel the continuity of the Soviet era, the clash with social problems, attitudes towards religious canons, military conflicts, gender issues and physicality.

The group of curators Yaroslav Solop, Misha Buksha, Misha Pedan. >>>



What you need to know about the UPHA Made in Ukraine exhibition  >>>