Ukraine 2014-2021
Fragility. Shards.
The state of fragility is due to the turbulence of the modern world. Fragility is a multidimensional phenomenon that defies simple definition. This is a combination of risks, not the ability of the system to cope with difficulties and mitigate the consequences.
Ukrainian society was shaken not only by the armed conflict, but also by a number of other factors: the historical past, economic, political, social vulnerability. The pictures were taken in different parts of Ukraine for 7 years. I collected fragments in order to see a holistic picture of the world, in which the unbearable fragility of being was felt.
In diptychs, I use a metaphorical language, but at the same time they are documentary shots. «Fragility» tells not only about the state of society, but also about the author’s personal vulnerability to life itself.
B. Mikhailov most accurately characterized and described the historical era of the 80s-90s in the series of photographs «Twilight» and «Viscosity». Every artist, no matter what he creates, somehow maintains a dialogue with time. I called this period of my life «Fragility».