Skiing — popular form of active recreation. It is not the cheapest hobby, in addition to the cost of living, have to pay for ski pass, equipment, ski rental and other costs. Almost constant depending on the weather: a strong frost, thaw, rain, blizzard-, wind and bright blinding sun, it’s not the best allies for the skier. Skiing — enough traumatic fun, not a skilled skier, rushing down the slope, creates a danger not only to himself but also for all the others. Millions of people fond of skiing, thousands fall, hundreds receive serious injuries, happens to a fatal outcome. Dying from fatigue and hurry back to the lift, what is the point and pleasure? What drives these madmen, what attracts them? Breathe frosty freshness, a little push and feel the intoxicating freedom that gives the glide, a sense of control over speed. Skiing is a desire to get away from the routine, to challenge yourself, to feel the adrenaline in the blood, the desire to raise self-esteem and to know what you can do. Each hardened skier, once stood on the snow slope and desperately trying to quell the trembling knees, tossed between the desire to fling up everything and aim to conquer the mountain. Everybody, even the great champions, began with simple slopes and clumsy movements. Strong is not who never falls, but the one who rises each time.