Sensitivity. Modern Ukrainian photography

Group exhibition  in National Cultural and Art and Museum Complex «Mystetskyi Arsenal», Kyiv, Ukraine

Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography >>>

Photography forces us to pay tribute to the transience. Its only constant is the sensitivity of the creator to what could be called the trembling of the world. It is this sensitivity that gives a photograph, otherwise essentially a technical image, its aesthetic and symbolic dimensions. This also preserves photography’s ability to be a medium that is extremely reflective, sensitive to changes in time, trends, technologies, and optics. >>>

Photography’s invasion of the domain of classical fine arts provoked a revolutionary process, redrawing boundaries. The photographic medium is still the most rapidly changing due to its dependence on technological progress, deriving its unique nature from the interaction of sensitive surfaces with the light. In recent decades, much attention has been paid to the polarity between analogue and digital images, film and sensor; dark predictions about the future of photography persisted.  >>>

Exhibition curator Alexander Solovyov. >>>

Sensitivity. Modern Ukrainian photography