Keys {in progress}
The war in the Donbass hit a huge number of Ukrainians. The choice towards Ukraine meant to lose everything, to burn the bridges, to leave their homes, graves of their ancestors, to move to the unknown. Since the Second World War, in Europe hasn’t been such movement of citizens. Today, the number of settlers reaches 2,000,000. Many residents of Donetsk, leaving their homes, took the key to their apartment as a memento. I have this key too. When I take it in my hand, I feel the usual weight. I can not remember which way the lock opens. Although sure, the hand will automatically turn the key in the right direction. Click — the door will open. And I am at home…


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The key to the house in Makeyevka. Family Petrovsky.
2014 Makeyevka. Family Petrovsky.
2017 Kiev. Family Petrovsky.
The key to the house in Donetsk. Family Bochuli.
2014 Donetsk. Family Bochuli.
2017 Kiev. Family Bochuli.